About Us

The I Just LOVE Music brand was inspired by our ever-growing involvement with music. It’s literally a daily occurrence around here!

If you're curious, check out our family’s sweet musician, Sophie Pecora:  www.SophiePecora.com who since the tender age of 7 started to rap and sing in front of live audiences.

Soon after Sophie got her taste of performing, she wanted to start a YouTube channel.  She thought she’d gain thousands of subscribers overnight! 

It didn’t happen that way, but she persevered with her dad, Oliver, and for years now, they’ve been having fun making music videos, built up all the typical social channels and continue to learn about the music industry.

The whole Pecora family has gotten involved, especially since the driver, Sophie, keeps it going with her passion!

Today she's writing and producing her own songs while the family is trying to figure out how to best navigate her budding career in an industry we know little about. It’s a fun journey being together as a family during this creative process.

We've met so many nice people through YouTube, other social channels, events and conferences.

We started thinking… why not expand and explore broader opportunities so Sophie, and her brother, Dominic, who is passionate about film (www.domixxd.com), can learn that it’s quite possible to make a living as an artist in our world today.

This is how I Just LOVE Music came together. Sophie not only LOVES music, but also t-shirts – her daily clothing of choice! Often people on social media are asking about the t-shirts she wears.

We’ve learned so much about social media and e-commerce that we can now all be involved in this cool venture as a family!  Each family member gives input on design, colors, and t-shirt styles, which is really fun.

If you ever experience a problem with any of our products, please let us know. We really want you to enjoy your purchases and shopping experience!  We will always do our best to take care of any issues.

Here’s to music, creating and fun,

The Pecora Family

You’re welcome to follow us on social media. Sophie has been the most active and the true representative of the topic of music. Dominic with his Domix XD brand next… and us parents are simply doing our best in this online world!

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